Beaumont Hamel British Cemetery looking towards Redan Ridge
What We Offer…. Our   primary   objective   is   to   offer   you   a   memorable   Tour,   but   the   details   of   every   group   Tour   changes   according   to   your   groups’   needs   and abilities. Our   Tours   are   open   to   individuals,   families   and   clubs.   This   allows   you   to   book   as   a   single   vehicle   and   come   and   meet   others   with   similar interests,   or   it   allows   a   club   to   book   an   entire   Tour.   If   you   are   interested   in   a   custom   tour   for   your   organisation   or   club,   we   can   customise   a tour to suit you and offer a discount - get in touch for more info.  If   you   have   never   driven   your   4x4   “off   road”   before   then   do   not   worry,   as   we   will   be   able   to   explain   how   to   use   your   vehicle   effectively   and safely on tracks and lanes that are accessible by all. Please contact us to discuss this if you have even the slightest concern. We   provide   a   plug-in   CB   radio   for   each   vehicle   (unless   you   already   have   one   fitted)   that   allows   us   to   give   you   a   running   commentary throughout the Tour. All vehicles will remain in contact all of the time - ask questions, request a tea break, chat to your friends. Each   vehicle   will   also   be   given   an   information   pack   that   includes   a   bound   photo   booklet   (that   you   keep   as   a   memento).   This   contains   a series of photographs pertinent to the route of the Tour as well as additional reading pages. The   cost   of   your   Tour   will   include   all   campsite   and   electric   fees   and   museum   visits,   and   if   your   Tour   is   hotel   based   then   it   will   include   the hotel   costs   on   a   twin   room,   bed   and   breakfast   basis   (subject   to   availability).   If   you   choose   to   take   a   hotel   in   the   same   town   as   a   camping tour then these costs must be met by you. Please read and make sure you agree to our Terms and Conditions  before booking a tour. Contact us  and ask all the questions that you wish , so that you know we will be providing you with the Tour that is right for you.
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Who we are…

Battlefieldsby4x4 has evolved through the friendship and interests of Nick and Carl who between them spent over 40 years living on the European battlefields and have over 50 years of experience when it comes to four wheel drive vehicles. Carl Liversage has over 35 years experience of working in several roles and countries with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC). He currently works as Head of External Relations for the CWGC focusing on the Centenary events and commemorations on the Western Front. His role requires him to communicate effectively to a wide range of audiences both in English and in French. Carl can also give ‘behind the scenes’ information on how the cemeteries are maintained but also how the CWGC is engaging more with visitors today. Carl also has years of experience in event organization, is an Associate Member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides and is trained to British Off Road Driving Association (BORDA) higher level. Nick Gage manages the administration side of Battlefieldsby4x4 as well as customer relations and aims to provide service excellence. Nick is also a director of a London based design and printing company where attention to detail and customer service is critical. His skills are transferable and widely used for our website, marketing and branding and ensures all are consistent with key messages. Nick has many years of off-road experience and trained to BORDA Higher Level. He is also co- founder of The Four Wheel Drive Club - An all-marques club for anyone interested in 4x4’s. You will often find Nick leading a tour. Keith Bowen has had over 40 years’ experience working in International Law Enforcement and started his 4x4 interests in off- road competitions such as Cop-Drive. He has been a 4x4 instructor for a well-known motor manufacturer and the Chairman of the Civil Service Motoring Association 4x4 Group.  He is an Associate Member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides and a Member of the European Travel Operators Association. His keen interest in military history saw him and his son Tim create and deliver the Help for Heroes 4x4 European Rally; a two week adventure following the 1944/45 Allied Invasion route through Europe. The six rallies from 2010-2015, each of 45 vehicles and 120 people, raised over £1 million for the charity. Tim Price-Bowen is an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and has experience of being a 4x4 instructor for a well-known motor manufacturer. An owner of a 4x4 for many years, Tim has taken part in a number of Macmillan 4x4 UK Challenges and raised funds for Cancer Charities. In 2015 he climbed Kilimanjaro in support of Help for Heroes and raised over £8000 for the charity. Like his father, Tim has a keen interest in military history and together they founded and organised the Help for Heroes 4x4 European Rally; a two week adventure following the 1944/45 Allied Invasion route through Europe. The six rallies from 2010- 2015, each of 45 vehicles and 120 people, raised over £1 million for the charity. Jim Smithson is a retired deputy headteacher, Jim has had a passion for all things military since wargaming days back in the 1970’s.  After working over 30 years in Germany, he was able to retire to a house previously purchased in France near Arras and take up his passion on a full-time basis.  During a multitude of visits to the battlefields of France, Belgium and Germany over 30 years, he has obtained an intimate knowledge of those areas and now feels it a privilege to be able to guide others around these most important pieces of countryside.  In addition, Jim is a writer, his first book being a widely appreciated volume on the first part of the Battle of Arras in April 1917 called “A Taste of Success”.  He is currently working on a two- volume guide to the whole of the battles of the Great War in the area around that city for the same publishers. Max Dutton Bio to follow…

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