Cote d’Opale

Calais - Cote d’Opale

Taster Day along the coast around Calais - £59pp 

including museum visit.

Channel crossing not included.

Bring   your   4x4   and   explore   the   Opale   Coast   of   northern   France   for   the   day.   Travel   along lanes   and   tracks   that   have   witnessed   a   succession   of   invading   forces,   but   now   see   most vehicles   speeding   down   the   motorway   to   destinations   further   south.   It   is   all   conveniently on our doorstep, within easy reach of the ferries and tunnel at Calais. We begin exploring just fifteen minutes from the Eurotunnel. The   Opale   Coast   has   been   fought   over   and   invaded   by   the   Romans,   the   Spanish,   the Dutch,   the   English   and   more   recently   the   Germans.   They   have   all   left   their   mark   on   the landscape,   across   which   we   will   guide   you   for   the   day,   passing   the   defences   of   Caesar’s fort, and Hitler’s Atlantic Wall. The    Bay    of    Wissant    has    been    a    fishing    port    for    millennia,    but    was    also    one    of Napoleon’s   northern   sea   ports.   Now   it   offers   (on   a   clear   day)   views   of   the   English   coast and   is   also   home   to   a   traditional   brewery   that   offers   a   suitable   stop   for   lunch   and   the opportunity to buy directly from the brewer. The   village   of   Les   Baraques,   near   Calais,   was   also   the   centre   of   the   competition   for   the first   cross   channel   powered   flight;   nearby   was   the   landing   point   of   the   first   balloon   to successfully cross the Channel in 1785. Within   the   same   fields   (then   under   English   control)   Henry   VIII   and   Francis   I   met   for almost a month in 1520 in an attempt to strengthen bonds between the two countries. The    coast    and    the    Channel    are    in    view    for    a    lot    of    the    day,    and    we    are    able    to experience   the   same   view   that   the   German   troops   had   when   posted   to   man   the Atlantic Wall.   Their   graffiti   still   remains   on   the   walls   of   long   abandoned   gun   emplacements,   one of which has been turned into a museum, a visit to which is included in the tour. Whether   you   decide   to   travel   over   for   the   day,   or   to   find   a   hotel   and   stay   for   a   weekend there   is   plenty   to   see   in   this   region   that   has   a   rich   history   of   conflict   and   occupation, dating   back   through   the   centuries.   Hopefully,   this   ‘taster’   day   will   provide   you   with   an appetite to join us on our main tours. This   is   a   one   day   green   laning   trip   that   begins   at   Calais   around   10am   and   ends conveniently close to the motorway around 5pm for your return or onward travel.
P&O regularly do special day trip offers of a return trip with 6 bottles of wine from £24. More info here:
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