Cambrai & The Tank – 1917

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Battlefieldsby4x4   offer   a   guided   tour   starting   from   Cambrai.   Over   three   days   we   will travel   through   the   lanes   and   villages   that   were   in   the   forefront   of   the   largest   tank action that had ever taken place. Although   first   used   in   action   just   north   of   the   Somme   battlefields,   in   September 1916   where   a   Captain   of   the   KSLI   described   as   “A   new   engine   of   War,   a   petrol-driven armoured   car,   termed   the   Tank ”   it   was   in   the   1917   Battle   of   Cambrai   that   over   470   British   mark   IV   tanks   went   into   action.   From   the historic   town   of   Cambrai,   which   had   surrendered   to   the   British   after   the   Battle   of   Waterloo   in   1815,   we   follow   some   of   the   tracks   that those tanks took as they lumbered towards their objectives. From   the   hotel   we   will   follow   the   tracks   from   the   railway   unloading   depots,   past   and   through   woods   that   retain   the   original   trench   lines of   the   preceding   battles.   The   traces   of   their   machine   gun   fire   can   still   be   seen   in   the   buildings   that   have   since   been   repaired   and   put back   into   use.   En   route   we   visit   some   of   the   immaculately   maintained   cemeteries   of   the   Commonwealth   War   Graves   Commission,   that contain   the   graves   of   the   infantry   and   of   many   of   the   crews   that   manned   these   tanks   as   they   moved   forward   at   4   mph   to   attack   the defenses of the Hindenburg Line. In   the   space   of   just   seventeen   days,   and   over   a   small   area   of   the   countryside   the   losses   on   both   sides   were   considerable,   figures   that we   struggle   to   comprehend   today   -   The   British   had   44,000   casualties   including   more   than   20,000   wounded   and   7,048   missing.   The Germans   captured   9,000   prisoners,   165   guns,   600   machine   guns   and   more   than   90   tanks,   but   in   doing   so   sustained   41,000   casualties including 11,000 prisoners with 145 guns and 456 machine guns that fell into British hands. The   already   weakened   bridge   crossing   the   Canal   du   Nord   at   Masnieres   was   attempted   in   a   tank   almost   a   century   ago,   with   catastrophic consequences   for   the   bridge.   Luckily   today   the   replacement   is   standing   firm.   We   will   cross   the   canal   in   the   footsteps   of   the   Canadian Divisions. The   Tour   will   be   treated   to   a   short   film   in   the   Hotel,   and   a   talk   from   the   patron   Philippe   Gorczynski   who   was   responsible   for   researching, finding and excavating “Deborah” D51 the WW1 tank that is now displayed not far from Cambrai and that is visited during the Tour

Example Itinerary:

Day 1 Independent travel to the agreed meeting point (details confirmed in advance of departure date) 12h30 to 13h30 Arrival at meeting point, explanations, questions, distribution of Tour material, 14h15 to 17h30 An afternoon trip along some local lanes with commentary 17h15 to 18h00 Arrive at the hotel 19h30 to 23h00 Optional evening meal in the hotel (recommended) or free evening in town Day 2 09h30 Depart hotel via supermarket During the day we will travel at a pace to suit all visiting Cemeteries and sites such as the off-loading areas first used by the tanks, remains of trench lines, front line positions, the Cambrai Memorial 17h30 to 18h30 Return to hotel, the evening is free for you to spend as you wish Day 3 09h30 Depart hotel, Visit to the private museum and ‘Deborah’ the recovered tank that supported the 29 th  Division. We continue our day of battlefield sights and lanes traveling west towards Arras, crossing the Hindenburg line, the Canal du Nord and Bourlon Wood. 13h00 to 13h30 Approximate arrival in the centre of Arras 14h00 Farewell (Non-contractual Tour example, subject to alteration when necessary – all times are local) For more information and to see what is included or not included in each tour, click here
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